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CHS Industrial is a company that provides Industry Solutions across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, as well as selected regions in Asia and Africa. Specializing in offering high-quality machinery and industrial equipment, CHS Industrial operates in the competitive B2B segment. However, the company was facing a significant challenge in standing out from its competitors due to its lack of visibility in the digital landscape. Both the company’s website and lead generation efforts were in poor condition, necessitating a comprehensive revamp.


CHS Industrial was struggling to establish a strong digital presence, resulting in limited visibility and missed business opportunities. The company’s website was outdated and ineffective, failing to attract and convert potential customers. Furthermore, their lead generation efforts were not yielding satisfactory results, further exacerbating their visibility issues.


Recognizing the importance of a robust digital ecosystem for B2B success, a comprehensive strategy was devised to address CHS Industrial’s challenges and provide them with a competitive advantage. The solution involved developing a 360-degree digital marketing strategy that extended beyond traditional search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

Website Revamp:

The first step in the solution was to revamp CHS Industrial’s website. The new website was designed to be SEO-friendly, ensuring improved visibility in search engine results pages. Additionally, the website was optimized to drive conversions, effectively guiding visitors towards taking desired actions such as submitting inquiries or making purchases.


Aark Marketing empowered CHS with effective SEO strategies to boost their organic presence. Through meticulous analysis, they optimized website content and structure, targeted relevant keywords, and implemented on-page and off-page optimization techniques. The creation of compelling content and securing high-quality backlinks further enhanced CHS’s online authority. The result was increased visibility, higher organic traffic, and improved brand awareness, leading to greater conversions and revenue.

Social Media Presence:

To further enhance CHS Industrial’s online presence, a strong social media strategy was implemented. This included creating compelling and shareable content, fostering meaningful interactions with followers, and showcasing the company’s expertise in the industry. The social media channels served as valuable touchpoints for potential customers, enabling them to stay updated on the company’s offerings and industry insights.

Performance Marketing:

We were also managing their performance marketing, to build a strong social media presence. We focused on both awareness and lead generation campaigns to bring them the best potential leads for the business while creating a buzz around the market.


Creating a physical proof is as important as creating a social proof. We focused on various below the line marketing activities such as Exhibition to position the brand in the minds of the customers. Physical exhibitions attract major market players and potential audiences in a relatively short period of time and increase the chances of sales many fold.


The implementation of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy yielded significant results for CHS Industrial within a few months. The revamped website, combined with a strong social media presence and performance marketing activities, led to a successful online presence. The company’s visibility improved, attracting a larger number of potential customers and generating higher-quality leads. By leveraging the digital ecosystem and executing the strategy effectively, CHS Industrial gained a competitive edge in the B2B market, positioning itself as a trusted provider of machinery and industrial equipment.

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