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Social media marketing is a whole new ball game covering owned, earned, and paid media. It’s way too fast, culturally conscious, and consumer-driven for the outdated marketing strategies of yesterday. Yet, a majority of brands still treat social platforms as digital billboards. The  AARK is Dubai’s leading social media marketing agency for fast growth companies we have been providing comprehensive Social Media Marketing services to businesses in Dubai, the UAE.

Brands that want to tap into the enormous power of social media need to sew themselves into the cultural fabric. We help them do that with a strategic, full-funnel approach to targeting, communication, and optimization. Our thought-provoking campaigns and buzzworthy highly effective influencer collaborations help your brand stay relevant and move people to take the action that you want.

Influencers turbocharge the opportunities social media offers by unlocking exposure and buying power. They help you build a real connection with consumers through organic, innovative communication. We help brands vet, negotiate, and work with influencers the way they are used to with other marketing activities.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora: You name it, we’ve got experience with it. With paid social, we help lower your acquisition costs, raise brand awareness, and grow your brand at the speed of social.

AARK is Dubai’s best social media marketing agency, you get campaigns that get people talking about your brand, an unlimited influencer pool, and context-aware performance marketing. Give our professionals a call and see how our social media marketing firm could help your business to reach new heights if it needs a personality boost or if you just want to see leads pouring in from various sources.

Social media marketing is the best practice for promoting your company on social networks. There are many different channels including Instagram experiences, Facebook video ads, and LinkedIn Bots messaging with lead magnet forms. The Brains specializes in KPI-led social media marketing – we can help you to reach, attract and convert your ideal client or customer via their favorite social network while saving on marketing costs. 



Tell your brand’s story on the world’s largest digital media stage with our attention-grabbing campaigns and conversion-focused content.

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