Social media in 2023 and beyond

Finding your new media mix

Social media is fast-changing and evolving as you read this. Millions of people post, engage, learn, and explore on social platforms every minute.

They’re not only following friends, family, and influencers. They also use social media to discover brands, research services, and purchase products. So, your brand is open to competition if you don’t participate in those conversations.

Social media mix and strategy must reflect that reality and meet your customers where they are. In addition, you also need to embrace emerging channels, even if they lack major digital platforms’ full targeting and attribution capabilities.

Consumers don’t spend all their time on one platform, so why should your brand?

But what social media platform?

People use those social platforms where their friends or things interest them. According to eMarketer, people spend more time on TikTok and YouTube than on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, social platforms outside the Meta ecosystem should be your first bet.

Here are the most important social platforms for any brand:

Think about your audience and business goals

Diversifying your social strategy has more than one right way. You can evaluate your channel mix based on your business goals, in-house capabilities, and what you’re willing to invest in each platform.

Defining your business objectives will help you avoid “analysis paralysis” or getting stuck in an endless evaluation loop that wastes time and effort. Instead, think about your audiences, general goals, and creative strategy and make decisions at the speed of social.

Social media is the center of digital experiences. So, a diversified, integrated social strategy that incorporates multiple channels and touchpoints is essential to engaging your audiences effectively.

Conclusion: In today’s world, spread your social investment out.

Is your social media mix sufficiently diversified?

Do you need help getting your social media mix right and boosting your return on investment? Talk to our social media marketing experts here.

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