Instagram’s Algorithm in 2023

To understand the “How” part, we must first understand the “What.” So what exactly does Instagram’s algorithm do?

With Instagram’s algorithm, people are presented with relevant and enticing content so that they stay on the app longer, increasing Instagram’s chances to serve more ads and making more money for its parent, Meta.

The Instagram algorithm is based on three key signals:

Instagram’s Feed Post Algorithm in 2023

Over the last five years, Instagram’s algorithm has evolved significantly, pivoting towards an interest-based model.

When ranking a post on someone’s Home feed, it considers the likelihood of five main interactions. They are as follows:

But in what manner does the algorithm determine which content is most likely to be of interest to someone?

According to the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the process is complex. He says, “We add and remove signals and predictions over time, working on getting better at surfacing what you’re interested in.”

These signals include:

Factors beyond interest score can also influence a post’s placement on someone’s Home feed. Some of these include:

What’s the takeaway?

Instagram’s algorithm monitors every interaction users make on the app to provide them with content they’re likely to engage with. It includes liking posts and interacting with others.

Our recommendation to brands is to post highly engaging content with a healthy mix of photos and videos. And by “highly engaging,” we mean a piece of content that will pass the WAC, or Would Anyone Care, test.

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