How Instagram Explore Tab Algorithm Works in 2023

Note: Understanding how Instagram’s algorithm works for feed posts will be helpful before learning how its Explore tab works. You can do that by reading our last article, Instagram’s Algorithm in 2023.

When it comes to Instagram’s post algorithm, engagement is vital. So the algorithm considers whether you like, comment, save, spend some time, or tap on a profile.

As you plan your content and captions, ask yourself these questions:

Instagram Reels Algorithm

Instagram prioritizes Reels like feed posts based on what viewers will interact with more by using a set of signals.

The Instagram guidelines recommend creating entertaining, inspirational, or experimental Reels and using creative tools like text, camera effects, and filters. Also, do not post Instagram Reels that are low-resolution, blurry, have already been shared elsewhere, or are recycled from another app.

Additionally, to increase discoverability, share your Instagram Reels on your main feed and use relevant keywords and hashtags.

Instagram Stories Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content from the accounts you interact with most rather than the specific content of stories. As stories are short-lived, timeliness is less relevant. But once a level reaches ten hours or more, it can have a slight impact.

Therefore, you should regularly share Instagram Stories that encourage engagement—polls, questions, and quiz stickers are all effective ways to increase engagement.

Instagram Explore Tab algorithm

Based on your prior interactions with Instagram, Instagram Explore delivers content it believes you’ll like. The Explore feed is almost entirely composed of content from new accounts, as opposed to the Home feed.

Instagram predicts that likes, saves, and shares are necessary actions in Explore.
The page constantly evolves as new topic categories and advanced search capabilities are introduced on the Explore tab.

For example, you can now search by keywords and hashtags to discover relevant content.
As a result, the Explore tab algorithm also considers your posts’ visual content and their captions.

So, the takeaway? Sharing engaging content with relevant hashtags, strong captions, and relevant keywords will optimize your posts for Explore tab.

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