Growth Marketing: The 6 Pillars

Growth marketing trends in 2023: Which ones will be most influential? This article provides a detailed assessment of specific trends to watch for.

When making a long-term plan, keeping your eyes on the industry-defining treds is essential. Although, no one can predict the future with 100% certainty. Still, these trends can offer valuable insight into some of the possibilities for the future of growth marketing.

Here, we present six pillars of the growth marketing going forward and how they fit within their overall marketing strategy.

#1 Strategic Approach

The marketing team needs a clear vision and long-term strategic plan to set and prioritize actionable goals and drive long-term objectives.

Success in this pillar is measured by how well a brand has proactively created specific marketing goals. In addition, this strategy should continually evolve and reevaluate according to the dynamic market needs.

#2 Data Management and Activation

In data management and activation, a marketing team collects, tracks, stores, and analyzes customers’ data in real-time to gain insights and improve results. Marketers can use these insights and data to create a more personalized, enjoyable customer experience.

#3 Management Buy-In

CMOS focuses on short-term rather than long-term financial impacts when justifying marketing efforts. In growth marketing, customer engagement, customer retention, and creating value at every step of the customer journey are key objectives.

#4 In-House Resources

A high-performing marketing team drives every successful marketing strategy. However, great teams don’t just appear overnight. Team members must understand the brand’s overall strategy and how they contribute to it and are aligned on specific goals.

#5 Agency Support

Nowadays, brands often work with agencies to cover areas they do not cover in-house or lack the resources to support in-house.

Those brands that succeed in this pillar have a single agency on retainer rather than managing multiple agency relationships. In a single-agency model, your brand’s strategy and goals will be more aligned, and the agency will be familiar with your brand’s history and progression.

#6 Integrated Customer Experience

Consumers expect a seamless experience across multiple channels and clear, consistent communication from intelligent companies.

To succeed in this pillar, a marketing team must optimize its strategy, specific marketing activities, and investments to create meaningful and consistent experiences and efficiently meet its customers’ needs throughout the entire marketing funnel.

So, supercharge your growth marketing ambitions with these six pillars for 2023 and beyond. Got feedback or tips? Shoot an email at


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