Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023

Have you always wondered about when to publish your content on Instagram for the maximum ROI? A leading industry research outlet analyzed over 11 million Instagram posts to determine the best time to post.

Researchers determined the best time to post based on engagement metrics from accounts of different sizes and industries. Here are the results.

Posting on Instagram at the right time?

The best time to post on Instagram in 2023 across all time zones is 4 am. On any day of the week, people are most likely to interact with content posted early in the morning.

Sharing a post earlier in the day benefits from less competition and can tap into traffic during users’ first scroll of the day, even if it was published a few hours earlier. Also, posting on Instagram in the early morning will get you the most likes and comments.

Which day is best for Instagram posting?

Mondays are generally the best day to post on Instagram, with the most engagement occurring at 5 am.

So, it’s best to post early in the week when engagement is the highest. Moreover, since it’s the beginning of the work week, people may be eager to interact with content early in their day.

And what about the rest of the week?

For the rest of the week, these are the best times to post on Instagram:

What if there are different locations?

Instagram’s average best time to post depends on your location as well. Time zone overlaps can have a significant impact on audience behaviors across regions. Here are the best times to post for each time zone:

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