B2B Marketing Trends in 2022

B2B marketing is changing rapidly. You can’t wait for your business to catch up with the competition. To meet your customer’s needs in this new world, you must be ready to evolve and embrace new developments.

So how can you get started? Let’s look at three high-impact learnings to glimpse the strategies that create demand, generate quality leads, and increase revenue and business.

B2B revenue channels rely heavily on social media, but a seamless, full-funnel approach is crucial.

If your business isn’t on social media, you miss opportunities to raise brand awareness, connect with customers, and drive revenue. Most B2B marketers cited social media as their top revenue-generating channel, followed by content marketing (47%) and email (41%).

These three channels consistently drove the most revenue regardless of the business size. There is, however, a little more complexity to the story when we dig deeper into the data.

Those reporting less revenue growth or a decline in revenue growth placed content marketing slightly higher than social media as a top revenue driver, as did those reporting less successful marketing strategies.

Most B2B brands strive for superior customer experience, but it’s not a top priority

If people become aware of your brand but cannot find the information they’re looking for on your site, brand awareness might quickly become negative sentiment. The goal should not be revenue if you want to succeed.

The top marketing objective for half of the B2B marketers is to increase revenue. The problem is that improving customer experience is only a priority for 31% of companies.

When it comes to spending their hard-earned budget, B2B decision-makers are pickier than ever. So please don’t give them a reason to spend it elsewhere.

A significant challenge for B2B marketers is improving the customer experience; 32% mentioned it as an issue. You can enhance CX by spending time, effort, and money. Your competitors will have an advantage if it isn’t a primary objective, leaving an opening for you.

B2B marketers will gain an edge over their competitors as budgets rise across the board

Despite the current uncertain economic climate, three-quarters of B2B marketers predict budget increases, but only moderate ones.

The majority are likely to continue and grow current programs but are likely to be wary of new initiatives requiring more ambitious spending.

According to B2B marketing leaders, social media budgets are likely to increase by 45%, compared with 52% of marketers overall. However, most executives said email was the most important revenue channel.

We saw the most significant difference between the B2B median and the best-in-class marketers; 90% predict budgets will go up, 28% significantly.

They’ll keep outpacing the rest of the field, but we can learn how to join them from where they’re spending.

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