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We believe in the post-pandemic world, brands face a unique set of challenges. Thanks to an increased dependence on digital mediums, consumer expectations keep evolving, and the culture has become more complex.

At the same time, the choices that people have are exploding, creating information overload. As a result, consumers have adopted a mental shortcut or heuristic: Brands that engage with them, speak to them in their voice, and care about the same things are the ones they prefer.

Experts at AARK use the power of CX to help brands navigate this new world of consumer-driven business. We use a powerful combination of creativity, insights, and technology to reimagine customer experience and bring brands close to consumers.

For the last 20 years, we’ve been helping global brands use these connected experiences to fulfill consumers’ emotional and functional needs. We do it by reimagining the brand experience across the entire customer journey using CX, social, search, CRM, and eCommerce capabilities.

At its heart, AARK is a 360 degree marketing agency, meaning everything we do is driven by insights from a rich source of first- and third-party business data. We deliver real-world, measurable results for our clients because we know their consumers, what makes them smile, what they share, who they connect with, and what inspires them to purchase.

What type of technology platform a brand should adopt, what kind of cultural narratives should it weave, and what experiences it should design to influence people: Our experts have solutions to every communication challenge you might face.

Global Leadership

Kusum Rawat

Sales & Marketing Director

Chitra Biswas

Digital Operations Director

Rajeev Frank

Managing Partner

Prashant Rana

Technology lead

Pooja Chawla

Creative Head

Mohit Pawar

Content Marketer

Sahil Alam

Digital Marketing Manager

Kalpana Riyar

Digital Marketing

Sarosh Sheriff

Creative Director


Front end Developer

Sandeep Gupta

Back-end Developer

Rajesh Kumar

SEO Lead

Vijay Kmar


Vivek Kashyap

Multimedia Expert

Chandan Kumar

Performance Marketing Head

Sanjay Gupta

Creative Designer


Performance Marketing


Video Editor

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